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If you're serious about lifelong learning, bettering yourself, self-actualization, or high achievement, and you find most learning programs very expensive, inconvenient, or uninspiring, you may find our learning groups just the ticket. We offer you a wide range of learning experiences that are led by Dr. Jim Lewis, Dr. Alan Letton, and our other instructors. Investing in yourself is the smartest investment you can make. We promise you real value and quality experiences.

The Learning Group Concept

Learning Your Way!

With our self-directed learning model, you learn under guidance, not authoritarian teaching. We're here to help you learn from experts, including our own faculty. And the prices are affordable. We guarantee a great learning experience!

Empowering You Is Our Goal

Remember how demeaning school could be? Teachers pontificating about crap that hardly mattered, and failing to make the subject relevant even when it was? If you crave a great learning experience that is uniquely yours, you're at the right place. If you have questions after reading our propaganda, we'll be happy to talk with you one-on-one about what you want to learn and guide you to a source--even if it isn't one of our programs!

Be a Dev!ant!

The American education system is a production line model. Differences are bad. Sameness is good. Well, we don't believe that's an effective learning model for everyone, and we encourage you to be a deviant--in a positive way. Dare to be different, to learn things your  way, even if your way doesn't conform to any of the accepted models. 

What If I'm a Loner?

A learning group should have the flexibility to offer assistance when you want it, without compelling you to do group hugs or follow the crowd. A group should be a resource, not a ball and chain forcing you to move through the program in lockstep fashion. 

Here's How It Works

Each learning experience is based on a book that offers useful, growth-oriented methods of achieving your goals in life. We select books that are well-written, and augment them with learn-by-doing experiences that will improve your probability of success if you engage in them. The group can help you, cheer you on, and be a sounding board. Your instructors can also coach you if you need help. These are not just read-and-repeat experiences. Rather, they're read, practice, review, and grow!

Details, Details...

Most books will require an hour or two of reading each week, followed by practice exercises to drive home the skills you are learning. Each course costs $97.00 and you will purchase your book through your favorite book seller, whether Amazon, Barnes & Noble or another retailer. Your course will provide a syllabus, a forum to discuss the subject with other members of your group, and email correspondence with your instructor. In addition, there will be a one-hour online session for each lesson, to discuss the material. 

About Us

Our Experience

We're a group of professionals who have many years of work experience, as well as teaching experience. We're passionate about helping people learn their way, not in an academic, theory-only manner that can't be applied in the real world. We're creating a new paradigm in learning and we invite you to be on the leading edge of this new model. And we're only successful if you are successful, so your success is our top priority!

Our Beliefs

We believe that learning should be fun. It should also be relevant, which means hands-on: if-you-can't-use-it, what-good-is-it? We also believe instructors should have done what they teach. You wouldn't want someone to teach you surgery who had only read about it in a book. So our promise to you is, if we teach it, you can be sure we've been there, done that!

Our Passions

We're passionate about high achievement, making the world better, and helping each individual be the best version of you that you can be! We disdain trying to be like everyone else in order to "fit in." We encourage the understanding that differences help us excel at what we do by learning from each other. If this all appeals to you, then we have much to offer you.

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